An LHC Masterclass session.

One of our important goals at SCIPP is sharing the results of our particle physics research with the community, especially students who may be considering a career in science. There are a number of outreach activities, ranging from community building to hands-on research experiences. We aim to make these opportunities available to the widest possible audience.

SCIPP Outreach Events

Learn about current and upcoming major SCIPP Outreach events.

SCIPP Outreach News

The latest information on SCIPP Outreach.

SCIPP Outreach Archive

Details of previous SCIPP Outreach programs and events.

Independent Physics Activities

Engage with and contribute to research with Zooniverse, assisting the New Particle Search at CERN or Dark Energy Explorers.

Additional Outreach Programs

A more extensive list of current affiliated outreach programs. Includes resources for students, teachers, and general community members.

The People’s Physics Book

An alternative textbook and reference guide to the topics covered in most introductory physics courses, by UCSC SCIPP & Physics alumni James Dann.