SCIPP Members

Research in high-energy particle physics and astrophysics is done in the setting of an organized research unit, the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics/SCIPP. With approximately two dozen faculty from Physics, Astronomy & Astrophysics, and SCIPP appointments, plus post-docs, research staff, students, visitors, and administrative staff, SCIPP is home to vibrant and evolving research in experimental and theoretical particle physics and particle astrophysics.


Phone (831-) Rm. # Mailing Address
Jason Nielsen Director 459-3457 NS2 #315 SCIPP*
Tesla Jeltema Associate Director 459-2235 ISB #305 SCIPP*
Stefano Profumo, Deputy Director for Theory 459-3039 ISB #328 Physics Department*
Margaret Wuerth Asst. Director for Administration and Finance 459-2635 NS2 #335 SCIPP*
Laura Bakken Department Assistant and Outreach Coordinator
NS2 #337 SCIPP*


Name Area of Research E-mail Address Phone (831-) Rm. # Mailing Address
Shiva Abbaszadeh Detector 459-4929 ENG2 #243A SOE2
Tony Affolder Experimental Particle Physics 459-2996 NS2 #327 SCIPP*
Anthony Aguirre Theoretical Astrophysics 459-2449 ISB #321 Physics Department*
Wolfgang Altmannshofer Theoretical Particle Physics 459-2359 ISB #329 Physics Department*
Bill Atwood Experimental Particle Physics and Astrophysics 459-2202 NS2 #325 SCIPP*
Thomas Banks, Emeritus Theoretical Particle Physics 459-4297 ISB #328 Physics Department*
Marco Battaglia Experimental Particle Physics 459-4842 ISB #301


George Blumenthal, Chancellor Emeritus Theoretical Astrophysics 459-3581 ISB #367 UCO/Lick Observatory*
Avishai Dekel Theoretical Astrophysics ISB #259 *SCIPP
Michael Dine Theoretical Particle Physics 459-3033 ISB #322 Physics Department*
David Dorfan, Emeritus Experimental Particle Physics 459-4842 SCIPP* SCIPP*
Vitaliy Fadeyev Experimental Particle Physics 459-2126 NS2 #313 SCIPP*
Ryan Foley Astronomy and Astrophysics 459-2835 ISB #345 UCO/Lick Observatory*
Amy Furniss Experimental Astrophysics 459-4625 NS2 #341 SCIPP*
Matthew Gignac Experimental Particle Physics 459-1293 ISB #315 SCIPP*
Stefania Gori Theoretical Particle Physics 459-2356 ISB #322 Physics Department*
Alexander Grillo Experimental Particle Physics 459-3705 NS2 #341 SCIPP*
Puragra (Raja) Guhathakurta, Department Chair for Astronomy Astronomy and Astrophysics 459-5169 ISB #271 UCO/Lick Observatory*
Howard Haber Theoretical Particle Physics 459-4228 ISB #326 Physics Department*
Michael Hance Experimental Particle Physics 502-7321 NS2 #317 SCIPP*
Tesla Jeltema, Associate Director Astrophysics 459-2235 ISB #305 SCIPP*
Robert P. Johnson Experimental Particle Physics and Astrophysics 459-2125 NS2 #323 SCIPP*
Alexie Leauthaud Astronomy and Astrophysics 502-2319 CfAO #113 UCO / Lick Observatory*
Alan Litke Experimental Particle Physics and Neural Systems 459-1713 ISB #301 CERN**
Piero Madau High Energy Theoretical Astrophysics 459-3839 ISB #361 UCO/Lick Observatory*
Jason Nielsen, Director Experimental Particle Physics 459-3457 NS2 #315 SCIPP*
Kenneth Pedrotti Electrical Engineering 459-1229 BE #253C SOE*
Joel Primack, Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus Theoretical Astrophysics 459-2580 ISB #318 Physics Department*
Stefano Profumo, Deputy Director for Theory Theoretical Astrophysics 459-3039 ISB #328 Physics Department*
J. Xavier Prochaska Astronomy and Astrophysics 459-2135 ISB #359 UCO/Lick Observatory*
Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz Theoretical Astrophysics 459-3400 ISB #341 UCO/Lick Observatory*
Steven Ritz Experimental Particle Physics and Astrophysics 459-3018 NS2 #331 SCIPP*
Constance Rockosi Astronomy and Astrophysics 459-5246 ISB #261 UCO/Lick Observatory*
Hartmut Sadrozinski Experimental Particle Physics 459-4670 ISB #301 SCIPP*
Edgar Shaghoulian High-Energy Theoretical Physics ISB #325 SCIPP*
Terry Schalk Emeritus Experimental Particle Physics 459-3705 NS2 #341 SCIPP*
Bruce Schumm, Department Chair for Physics Experimental Particle Physics 459-3034 NS2 #329 SCIPP*
Abraham Seiden Experimental Particle Physics 459-2923 NS2 #333 SCIPP*
Alexander (Sasha) Sher Neural Systems 459-5701 ISB #309 SCIPP*
David Smith Experimental Astrophysics 459-2183 NS2 #321 SCIPP*
David A. Williams Experimental Astrophysics 459-3032 NS2 #319 SCIPP*

Research and Postdoctoral Physicists

Name Area of Research
E-mail Address
Phone (831-) Rm. # Mailing Address
Reuven Balkin High-Energy Theoretical Physics ISB #324 SCIPP

Batoul Banihashemi

High-Energy Theoretical Physics ISB #324 SCIPP
Nicolo Cartiglia Visiting Research Associate, Experimental Particle Physics INFN INFN SCIPP*
William DeRocco Theoretical Particle Physics 459- ISB #324 SCIPP*
Jeff Dror Theoretical Particle Physics 459-2708 ISB #324 SCIPP*
Alan Eisner, Emeritus Experimental Particle Physics (650) 926-2018 SLAC SLAC**** (MS:35)
Noémie Globus Theoretical Astrophysicist and Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow UCO / Lick Observatory


Katie Hellier Electrical and Computer Engineering 459-0111 E2 #479 Engineering
Doug Hellinger Astrophysics and Cosmology SCIPP*
Olivier Hervet Experimental Astrophysics 459-4870 NS2 #309 SCIPP*
Traudl Kozanecki Experimental Particle Physics CERN CERN*
William Lockman Experimental Particle Physics 459-4842 SLAC SCIPP*
Simone Mazza Experimental Particle Physics 459-1293 ISB #313 SCIPP*
Mohammad Nizam Experimental Particle Physics NS2 #325 SCIPP*
Jennifer Ott Experimental Particle Physics 459-4842 ISB #313 SCIPP*
Pablo Saz Parkinson Experimental Astrophysics 459-4870 NS2 #325 SCIPP*
Andrea Sciandra Experimental Particle Physics CERN*
Giordon Stark Experimental Particle Physics 459-1293 ISB #313 SCIPP*
Alex Wang SCIPP*


Technical Staff and Project Specialists

Phone (831-)
Rm. #
Mailing Address
Kirsten Affolder 459-2694 NS2 #327 SCIPP*
Ramon Berger 459-3866 Thimann 376 SCIPP*
Aware Deshmukh
NS2 #311 SCIPP*
Joel DeWitt 459-2479 NS2 #389 SCIPP*
Serguei Kachiguine 459-2694 NS2 #311 SCIPP*
Forest Martinez McKinney 459-2479 NS2 #389 SCIPP*
Noah Nagel
NS2#373 SCIPP*
Taylor Shin NA NS2 SCIPP*
Max Wilder 459-5702 NS2 #361 SCIPP*

Graduate Students

Name Advisor
Phone (831-) Rm. # Mailing Address
Jeffrey Chaffin D. Smith 459-3337 NS2 #373 SCIPP*
Joseph Connell H. Haber NS2 #314 Physics*
Daniel Davies M. Dine ISB #320 Physics*
Jiani Ding C. Rockosi Astronomy*
Spencer Everett T. Jeltema ISB #303 Physics*
Dana Faiez A. Aguirre ISB #303 Physics*
Evan Frangipane M. Hance ISB #303 Physics*
Sri Aditya Gadam W. Altmannshofer 459- ISB #328 SCIPP*
Carolyn Gee J. Nielsen 459-3257 ISB #317 SCIPP*
Nick Hamer S. Gori 459-3337 ISB #314 SCIPP*
Neil Hardy S. Sher NS2 328 Physics*
Jacob Johnson First Year NS2 #328 Physics*
James Kakos J. Primack ISB #262 Physics*
Nathan Kang M. Hance 459-3257 ISB #317 SCIPP*
David Laubner T. Jeltema ISB #332 Physics*
Benjamin Lehmann S. Profumo 459-4106 ISB #320 Physics*
Brent Limyansky R. Johnson 459-4625 NS2 #318 SCIPP*
Alex McDaniel T. Jeltema 459-5010 ISB #303 Physics*
Kevin McKinnon C. Rockosi Astronomy*
Heather Mentzer S. Ritz NS2 #328 Physics*
Adam Molnar B. Schumm     SCIPP*
Logan Morrison S. Profumo 459-4762 ISB #320 SCIPP*
Renée Nichols S. Ritz SCIPP*
Nora Norvell B. Schumm 459-4588 NS2 #308 Physics*
John Ortberg D. Smith NS2 #373 Physics*
Rene Padilla B. Schumm 459-4588 NS2 #308 Physics*
Dominic Pasquali B. Schumm 459-4588 NS2 #308 Physics*
David Reiman S. Profumo ISB #314 Physics*
Sam Roberts J. Nielsen  NS2 #308    SCIPP*
Hava Schwartz J. Nielsen NS2 #328 Physics*
Skyler Scott D. Williams 459-4625 NS2 #318 SCIPP*
Jeffrey Shahinian M. Hance *CERN SCIPP*
Eric Shahly H. Haber ISB #314 Physics*
Adrian Shestakov S. Ritz NS2 #324 Physics*
Alic Spellman R. Johnson NS2 #318 Physics*
Clayton Strawn J. Primack ISB #320 Physics*
John Tamanas S. Profumo NS2 #332 Physics*
Kevin Toner W. Altmannshofer 459-3337 ISB #314 SCIPP*
Jaryd Ulbricht S. Profumo 459-3337 ISB #314 SCIPP*
Duncan Wood S. Ritz NS2 #324 Physics*
Marcus Wong M. Hance  NS2 #308   SCIPP*

Visiting Faculty and Researchers

Phone (831-)
Rm. #
Mailing Address
Avishai Dekel SCIPP
Marc Huertas-Company SCIPP
Francisco Prada SCIPP


Room #
Phone Number (831-)
Seating Available
ATLAS Packing Lab
NS2 #336
NS2 #389
Clean assembly and test area
NS2 #365 & NS2 #369
Conference Room
NS2 #307
Conference Room
ISB #310
Johnson Lab
NS2 #334
Machine Shop
NS2 #361
Meeting Room
NS2 #343
NS2 #377


Sher Lab
Sher Lab
NS2 #320
Williams Lab
NS2 #312 & NS2 #316