The Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP) @ UC Santa Cruz studies the subatomic particles of nature: the 61 elementary particles, from electrons to the Higgs Boson, which are the building blocks of matter. For more than 25 years our researchers have worked to understand and predict particle behavior, design and build complex test-apparatus, and test and evaluate said behavior—with many successes world-wide, in theoretical physics, experimental physics and commercial applications.

SCIPP is committed to the understanding of particle-physics and particle-astrophysics, including development of the next generation technologies needed to advance that research—and the education and training of the next generation of particle physicists.

We are currently soliciting gifts to grow the SCIPP General Fund in support of these goals. Gifts to the fund directly support undergraduate research, early R&D for exploring new directions, paid student internships, seminar programs and more.

From exploring exoplanets and dark matter, to the commercial applications of new technologies such as ultra-fast (1000x) silicon detectors, and photon-scanning tomography for safer cancer treatments—SCIPP scientists continue to push the boundaries of particle physics. Your gifts will help us meet these challenges and prepare the scientists of tomorrow.

To donate, please click the following link to UCSC Online Giving. Thank you!

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