Information on other SCIPP and Physics programs. A full list can be found here.

For Middle and High School Students:

Science Impacting Society (SIS)

In collaboration with Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE), SIS organizes workshops filled with hands-on science exploration for middle school students. Students are typically brought to UCSC’s campus to engage in fun and active scientific investigations. The event continues currently in a virtual fashion.

Science Internship Program (SIP)

SIP is a summer-long (10 week) research internship program for high school students in STEM fields. UCSC faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral researchers provide one-on-one mentoring of these high-school interns. The research projects are real in that they are not made up just for the high school students; instead, students are inserted into existing research projects here at UCSC. Also available for graduating eighth graders!

California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS)

COSMOS is a 4-week summer residential program for high school scholars with demonstrated interest and achievement in math and science. The program is also open to exceptionally advanced and emotionally mature 8th graders capable of participating in a one-month program away from home. COSMOS provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to work side-by-side with outstanding researchers and university faculty, covering topics that extend beyond the typical high school curriculum.

For College Students:


UC Santa Cruz Faculty and Graduate Students participate as mentors and tutors to selected CalBridge Scholars from CSU campuses. The program offers assistance in funding, as well as guidance in the application process to support student transitions into graduate STEM programs.

ACCESS Summer Research Institute

The ACCESS Summer Research Institute is an intensive eight-week introduction to research methods and tools with an emphasis on biomedical sciences. Selected student participants work under a UCSC faculty mentor on a project that focuses on current research in an area of interest indicated by the student.

Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program

MARC students receive an initial eight-week summer laboratory-training program. Students receive intensive laboratory and lecture courses in the methodology and concepts of modern biology and chemistry. MARC Fellows can also choose to participate in extramural research during the summer.

For Teachers and Schools:

Remote Schooling Support with WiPA

A team of students associated with UCSC’s Women in Physics and Astrophysics (WiPA) is on standby, ready to support you in achieving your remote schooling vision. Need fun science demo videos to compliment your lesson plans? Need advice on what technology to use to make your plans work? Need a webpage or web interactive to enhance student engagement, but you have no idea where to begin? We are a team of eager physicists and educators, and we are here to help! For more information, contact Hava Schwartz.

Meet the Scientist Demonstration Videos

Suitable to middle school and high school students, videos of live physical
demonstrations of science concepts are prepared. Additionally, undergraduate and graduate STEM students share their experiences and illuminate the day-today life of a scientist. If you’re looking for a short supplement to your lesson plan or a longer memorable experience to turn your students into scientists, we may have the thing for you. Special requests accepted. For more information, contact Hava Schwartz.

Exciting Virtual Science Lesson Plans

Great for an extra-special class or an extracurricular activity, remote curricula have been developed for exploring some exciting science concepts, such as exoplanets, condensed matter physics, and even biology. Students are guided through online projects in a crafted and easy-to-use online notebook. Curricula can also be passed off to teachers to be used in chunks or as desired. For more information, contact Gabriela Huckabee at:

For the wider community:

Science on Tap with Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

Come one, come all to the “science café” in Santa Cruz. Hosted monthly over Zoom, this event is designed to connect the Santa Cruz community to the latest research happening just up the hill at U.C. Santa Cruz. It is not an exclusive “club meeting” for scientists and science majors and aims to appeal to all audiences. So come, grab a beer, relax and hear some interesting cutting edge science that’s happening near you!

Python and Research Tutorial (PyaR)

Join UC Santa Cruz PhD students and an astronomy professor for a FREE online Python programming workshop set in the context of astronomical research. The workshop is open to high school students, undergraduates, and even graduate students who do not yet have fundamental Python coding experience. There will be three separate sessions, and each builds on the previous, so you should sign up only if you can attend all three.

Project for Inmate Education Program (PIE)

UCSC PIE is an organization founded by members of the UCSC Astronomy and Physics departments that is dedicated to providing free education to inmates in local jails. PIE began in spring 2009 with an algebra class for inmates at the Santa Cruz County Jail.