Safety is an ongoing responsibility shared by all of us at SCIPP.  Our goal is to maintain a comprehensive and appropriate safety program that supports SCIPP research. As a reminder, everybody must receive safety training before working in the lab.  Additional training may also be needed prior to the use of certain equipment. See the SCIPP Lab Safety Manager for the lab rooms you will be working in for information on necessary training. If you have any safety questions or concerns, please talk with your PI or one of the SCIPP Safety Managers listed below.

The following are SCIPP Safety Manager contacts:

    • SCIPP Electronics Lab 1 - NS2 389 Forest Martinez-McKinney (831-421-2944) Primary / Michal Tarka (217-418-5783) Alternate
    • SCIPP Machine Shops - (NS2 361 & NS2 387) Forest Martinez-McKinney Primary / Michal Tarka Alternate
    • SCIPP Electronics Lab 2 - NS2 383  Michal Tarka Primary/ Forest Martinez-McKinney Alternate
    • SCIPP Electronics Lab 2 - NS2 377 Michal Tarka Primary / Bruce Schumm Alternate
    • SCIPP Clean Test and Assembly Room - (NS2 358C, NS2 365A & NS2 369) Vitaliy Fadeyev Primary/Forest Martinez-McKinney Alternate
    • SCIPP Johnson Lab - NS2 334 Robert Johnson Primary/Margaret Wuerth Alternate
    • SCIPP Sher Lab - NS2 320 Sasha Sher Primary/Serguei Kachiguine Alternate
    • SCIPP 314, 316 & 321 David Williams Primary/Margaret Wuerth Alternate
    • Margaret Wuerth for other SCIPP spaces including offices, conference rooms, and shared spaces.

You may also report a safety concern anonymously to UCSC Environmental Health & Safety at 459-2553. Everyone at SCIPP should feel safe.  We are always available to discuss your safety concerns or ideas.  Please don't hesitate to contact us.