Big Analysis of Muons

Big Analysis of Muons (BAM) is a project based on simplified portions of the LHC ATLAS and CMS masterclasses. SCIPP is piloting a program bringing portions of this project to local high school physics classes.

Particle Physics Masterclass

The Particle Physics Masterclass allows interested high school students to spend one day learning about particle physics and analyzing data from an LHC experiment. These masterclasses are held at many locations throughout the world, giving students a chance to connect with other institutes via videoconferencing to share their results. Students also connect with particle physics mentors who are part of the Quarknet educational consortium. The 2023 Masterclass concluded on March 4th.

World Wide Data Day

LHC World Wide Data Day is a 24-hour span, midnight-to-midnight UTC, in which students from around the world can analyze data from the Large Hadron Collider and share results via an ongoing, 24 hour videoconference with physicist moderators taking shifts in locations around the world.