David Smith

I study natural processes producing high-energy radiation in environments including thunderstorms, Earth’s radiation belts, and solar flares. I use instrumentation at ground sites and on balloons, aircraft, and spacecraft.

Abraham Seiden

I am an experimental particle physicist with broad interests in both the fundamental interactions among particles and the development of detectors to study such interactions.

Alan Litke

My research interests are in experimental particle physics and neurobiology. In particle physics, I work with the ALEPH experiment at CERN. In neurobiology, I focus on the neural code between the eyes and brain.

Michael Hance

With the SCIPP ATLAS group, I search for new fundamental particles and interactions in high-energy particle collisions, and prepare for the next generation of particle colliders.

Howard Haber

My research addresses theoretical and phenomenological aspects of high energy elementary particle physics with special attention to the role of the Higgs boson and new fundamental particles not yet discovered.

Stefania Gori

My research interests are physics beyond the standard model, higgs physics & electroweak symmetry breaking, dark matter & dark sectors, collider physics, flavor models & cp violation, and neutrino physics.

Tesla Jeltema

My research focuses on observational cosmology and particle astrophysics, including constraints on the nature of dark matter and dark energy and studies of the evolution of galaxies.

Jason Nielsen

My research deals with the interactions of elementary particles, the basic components of all matter. The main focus is the physics of the Higgs boson, especially the decay to bottom quarks. This research is conducted with the ATLAS experiment at CERN.