Higgsinos under the microscope

Recent results from higgsino searches by the ATLAS collaboration have made their way into the CERN Courier. The existence of higgsino particles, predicted by theories of supersymmetry, could provide an explanation for the cosmological dark matter. SCIPPers Matthew Gignac, Bruce Schumm, and Giordon Stark contributed to the development of the disappearing track search and the overall combination of results.

Congratulations to the 2021 Deans’ and Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award winners in SCIPP!

DEANS’ UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS:  Dean’s Awards are granted to fifty of the most excellent undergraduate research theses or projects (ten from each academic division) completed at UCSC during the academic year. Each Dean’s award project will receive $100 for outstanding achievement in their division. CHANCELLOR’S UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS:  Fifteen Chancellor’s Awards are granted to the most outstanding […]

Please join us in welcoming Professor Tesla Jeltema as the new SCIPP Associate Director!

Tesla’s research experience in astrophysics and her leadership in international collaborations will be important as a number of astronomical survey projects ramp up. She will also focus on strengthening our SCIPP outreach and mentoring activities. Please welcome Tesla to this new role.