The LSST group at UCSC/SCIPP continues to grow, and there are often opportunities for new students to join the group. Current members (as of August 2019):

  • Graduate students Adrian Shestakov and Duncan Wood are working on several different analyses of Camera test data. This is an exciting time to learn how the as-built Camera will actually perform and to ensure it will have the needed scientific performance.
  • Undergrads Olivia Ross and Nikita Tournebise are looking at new ways to apply machine-learning techniques to analyze LSST data. We have now started discussing these ideas with colleagues in Deep Skies.

The group are interested in the full chain: how the hardware is put together and performs all the way through science data analysis. There are many interesting problems to solve!

Faculty and researchers working on LSST and related projects include: Steven Ritz, Connie Rockosi, Alexie Leauthaud, Tesla Jeltema, and Brant Robertson.

Here are some useful links for learning more about LSST:

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